Pete Knight - Electric & Acoustic Guitars

(and occasional, mimed vocals)

  Peter Knight at Scruffy Murphy's in Watford (Morris Acoustic Guitar)

Music and Biscuits
My first influence to play guitar came from my own brother initially. As he was 10 years my senior and I was left handed not only was his guitar too big for me but I could not play it. Things changed at sixteen and along with childhood friends Iain and Chris we embarked on the ever continuing journey of musical discovery...well we played guitar a lot and ate loads of biscuits!

First Guitar
My first guitar was a classical nylon strung effort but it wasn't long before Pete's magic wallet produced the band's first electric guitar and even some amplification. Since that time many guitars have come and gone. But their spirit remains on our early precious recordings (even if the tuning was a bit iffy!)

  Current Guitars  
    Morris Electro Acoustic  
    Fender Stratocaster 1968 Hendrix  
    Epiphone Sheraton  
    Boss GT-5 Guitar Processor

  Influences / Heroes and Heroines  
    Pink Floyd  
    Eric Clapton

  All Time Favourite Album
I have to say my own…in the hope that someone asks me about it!…Vamp and Swede 'Promised Land'. (See the Collaborations section for more info.)

  Watch out for...
Some fancy footwork on the Boss Pedal Board as that's all your getting...we don't move much these days!


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