Nicky Clark - Vocals

(and occasional, made up lyrics)

  Nicky Clark at Scruffy Murphy's in Watford

Fate, Punctures and Fluorescent Socks
Omicron had become a guitar trio with no vocals - how dull. Then a stroke of luck. Nicky's bike got a puncture on the way home from college. This was lucky because Iain was passing and grabbed the opportunity to ask Nicky to join the band. Nicky said "Yes" and the rest as they say, is hysterical.

Having secured a new vocalist for the band, Iain did the obvious gallant thing and walked off and left Nicky to fix her puncture. (Iain got a 'D' in O' Level Chivalry).

I seem to recall that Nicky turned up for her first rehearsal wearing bright fluorescent green or orange socks (not just the socks obviously), so it was nearly all over very quickly, but fortunately her voice was better than her socks so we gave her the benefit of the doubt!

Obviously singing in Miles Apart is Nicky's first love, but she also sings for the excellent Abba Tribute band Fabba. See a video of Nicky performing with Fabba here

None, but she has some very nice shaky eggs :-)

  Influences / Heroes and Heroines  
    Rachel Farrow  
    Iain Clarke  
    Peter Knight  
    Chris Brown

  All Time Favourite Album
She won't tell us, but I bet its by Eddi Reader.

  Watch out for...
People saying "ooh hasn't she got a lovely voice."


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