The Name


Miles Apart is the third name for our band. We started our musical life as The Associates. Readers of a certain age will know that a band of the same name made it into the UK charts with a song called "Party Fears Two" in 1982. Thankfully we were not too emotionally attached to our first name, the primary reason for it being that Chris' brother worked for a finance company called The Associates and as a consequence could get free t-shirts with the name printed on them. (Not much of a reason for naming your band I know).

So the name changed to Omicron. Couldn't tell you exactly when that happened. Perhaps Pete, the keeper of the sacred Omicron memorabilia will know. However, I do know how the name Omicron came about. No lure of free t-shirts this time. Instead it came from Iain's encyclopedia. The book was flipped open, allegedly randomly, to reveal an explanation of the Greek alphabet and somehow Omicron, the Greek equivalent of the letter 'O' was selected. On the plus side, this meant that no other band in their right minds were likely to call themselves Omicron. On the downside, we had to print our own t-shirts and it is an anagram of moronic!

I don't think any of us really liked the name Omicron, but it stayed with us for a long time. In fact the last concert that we performed as Omicron (Pete, I know you'll tell me different), was on 28th June 1997 at Club 85 in Hitchin. This was the end of the "Omicron Unplugged (ish!)" tour. Well, everyone else was doing the unplugged thing and we had the pre-requisite acoustic guitars, so why not.

Readers should note at this point that a tour for us is the occurence of more than one gig within a calendar year. We don't manage a tour very often and in this case it totalled two venues. (For two venues, read one club and a church).

So to our current incarnation... Miles Apart was simply one of a number of suggestions from the members of the band. This one was chosen because it seemed the most appropriate. When we started the band, we all lived within a few miles of each other, but life had shifted us all away from North London to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Hampshire (but strangley not Herefordshire). Hence Miles Apart.


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