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Page last updated on 9th August 2009
The Band's Centre of Gravity
When your band is, in the worst case, 149 miles apart, it is difficult to have a spur of the moment rehearsal. Things need to be planned and consequently it usually takes us about 2 months to arrange a practice and then another week of emails to decide where we are going to meet up. The dilema of which biscuits to bring is usually resolved by a shorter and more efficient discussion.
To aid the complex process of deciding where to rehearse and being a bit of an anorak case, I found a geo-midpoint website, which enabled me to calculate the band's centre of gravity. It turns out that as the crow flies, the most central location for us to have a band practice, recording session or just generally consume tea and biscuits together, is in a field just south of and adjacent to the M40.
I've written to the relevant farmer and it appears that with the aid of 47 long extension leads and a 4-way adaptor we should be able to supply enough electricity for the band with a spare socket left over for that all important kettle. Add in a gazebo and a couple of wind breaks and the jobs a good'n as they say.