Through The Lens


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Pete's Guitars (Fender Stratocaster 1968 Hendrix, Epiphone
             	   Sheraton, Morris Electro Acoustic) Close up on Pete's Sheraton The very shy Ovation Deacon nonchalantly leaning against a shed Class on a guitar stand Eko Fretless

The Omicron Years

A youthful Iain Clarke in the studio Applause Guitar at Harrow Weald with Iain in the background Peter Knight playing at Southampton University Peter Knight at Southampton after a drink or two Chris Brown (with hair) at one of several Harrow Weald Gigs
The stage in Pinner with Ye Olde Tracke II on the right and if you
		   look carefully, is that a rare trip out for the Deacon? One of two gigs at Southampton University      

1997 Onwards - Miles Apart

Nicky is just too shy to sing today Nicky at Scruffy Murphy's in Watford Nicky & Pete at Scruffy Murphy's in Watford Miserable looking Bass player at Scruffy Murphy's in Watford Miles Apart & The Bizzie Lizzies
I canna hold her much longer captain        

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