Chris Brown - Bass Guitar

(and occasional, reluctant vocals)

  Clotty in Second Life

The Calling
For me playing the bass guitar was a vocation...a calling. I knew I had a wonderful gift and I owed it to humanity to bless the world with the fruits of my rosewood fretboard....You seem doubtful? Ok, I'll come clean. It was all that was left. Iain and Pete had already taken the six string roles, so that left the bass. After 20 odd years I still haven't got the hang of it, but at least you don't have to listen to me sing too often.

In case you are wondering, the attractive guy in the picture to the right is me in Second Life (an Internet virtual world). The likeness to the real thing is uncanny - the good looks, the bronze tan, the obvious air of sophistication, the slick taste in clothes, the bald head....

Anyway, when I first started I played root notes on a borrowed electric six string, a Gibson SG copy I think. My first real bass (you never forget your first bass), was a Westbury Track II. This was eventually traded in for a strange looking headless bass called a Westone Quantum. This has now gone too and my current objects of desire are:

    Yamaha BB  
    Fender Jazz Fretless   [photo]  
    Eko BA Fretless Bass   [photo]   [fetish Guitars]  
    Fender Precision   [photo]  
  Influences / Heroes and Heroines
    Mike Oldfield  
  Herbie Flowers  
Chris Squire

All Time Favourite Album
Ommadawn - Mike Oldfield (1975)

Watch out for...
Any sign of a smile during performances. These are extreme rarities.

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