The Band - Past and Present

  The Current Members of Miles Apart

    Nicky Clark - Vocals

Rachel Farrow - Vocals

Iain Clarke - Guitar & Keyboard

Pete Knight - Guitar

Chris Brown - Bass

Omicron in Pinner (Looking a little younger than today!)  
  Past Members of Omicron

    Tony Smith
The original singer in Omicron, responsible for the lyrics of that famous track "Distant Horizons".

Gordon Buckley
Keyboard player in the early days of Omicron. Often appeared in 'Mod' clothes despite the fact that the rest of the band weren't mods. We like individuality!

Tim Sowter
A brilliant drummer even at the age of 13 when he joined Omicron. Unfortunately, Tim was mislaid in the mid-eighties, but after some twenty years, in January 2009 he turned up unexpectedly in pub near Blackfriars. It's not clear if he had been there all along.

Simon Smith
Simon played second drums and percussion on some of the Omicron tracks, most notably "Savage II".


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